The Power of Your Prayers

Have you ever thought about the power of your prayers?

Seriously…have you given any thought to the impact you can have in praying for others? 

Does it mean that you have labored long hours in prayer? Does it mean that you whispered their name in a specific request? Did you seek to understand their situation so that you could pray a specific prayer? Did you pray according to God’s will instead or just what you think should happen? Did you just attach their name to a long list of names as you rattled names off to God….you know, so you could do your duty because you said you would? Or, were they included in the “and all those who requested prayer from me” and “Lord, I don’t know who they are or what they need but you do” cover all statement? 

If you haven’t already, it’s time to understand the power you have and get serious about praying for others.

Here’s what I mean…

Very early a couple of days ago, as I always do, I reached over and began to pray for my husband. As I was praying, I asked God to cover him from all hurt, harm or danger. I asked that God would keep him alert and aware of all that would go on around him. I asked God to protect James and keep him in all his ways and to cover him with His blood and shelter him from seen and unseen dangers. I asked that God’s will and purpose for James’ life be done. I asked that He would draw James close and keep him in His care; that He would lead him and guide him in all of his ways…and so many other request. 

Then I spent some time thanking God for giving James to me and for him being such an awesome, wonderful man of God; one that loves God first and then me. One that takes exceptional care of his family. One who is a bold soldier in the Army of the Lord; a man of prayer and of the Word.

When James woke up and before exiting the bed, I shared with him that I had laid my hands on and prayed for him; lifting him up and holding him there…. calling out his name and his needs before the Lord. I reminded him that I do this every night/morning. Sometimes, several times if I know he is especially facing some trying things the next day. I reminded him that this is a daily practice for me. 

I further expressed to James that I do this because, not only is it commanded by God of me, but also because of my love for him. I want to make sure that as he travels here and yon on the dangerous highways and byways that he is covered by a prayer of protection. I want to make sure no harm comes to him and that he doesn’t experience any mishaps or accidents, sickness/disease or fall in any traps the enemy may set for him.

I went on to say that there is no telling how many of these possible scenarios were avoided because of my late night/early morning prayers. I said that because of my prayers, the detrimental things that could have happened, didn’t happen and what positive things that did happen, may have happened because I did pray.

You may be wondering why I had this conversation with James; why I felt the need to share this with him. Well it is because I want him to know that he is covered in prayer; I want him to be assured that I am believing with and for him that no weapon formed against him will prosper. I want him to be confident as he go forward in his day that I have his back; that I am standing in the gap I am making up the hedge with and for him; that he is not alone in anything he may face.

Listen, am I suggesting that my prayers are “controlling” James’ life? No I am not. I just know that prayer is really powerful and does change things. I have seen the power of prayer change things in my life and his to the point that I would dare not miss praying when I have the opportunity to do so. I have personally witnessed so much healing, deliverance, peace (that surpasses all understanding), joy and a renewal of hope that most of the time, I can’t wait to pray just to see what God will do next.

So now, you may be asking why do I feel the need to share this with all of you? Well, I am so happy to tell you…

I said all of that to say this, when you pray for someone, please remember that when praying the will of God, the prayers of the righteous avails much. Remember that, just on the strength of your prayers, someone else’s life can be affected in a major way. You have an awesome opportunity to cover someone to the point that negative situations and circumstances that could have been a part of their day was avoided…all because you took the time to pray. You hold a power within you to affect change; to change the very outcome of a persons day; to change the the very atmosphere around them!

This goes for your spouse, child (children), co-workers, friends, Pastor, etc. 

Yes, there is power in YOUR prayer. OWN IT and don’t neglect it!

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