Not like Eve

One morning my daughter overheard a conversation that I was having with her Dad. Right in the middle of it, she says, “Mom, I am going to start calling you Eve!” I asked her why and she stated it was because she heard what I was saying and that I was being very cunning and sly in convincing James to do what I was asking him to do.

Well of course I defended myself and we all had a good laugh over it. But as the day went on, I thought about what she said and realized that I really was using words and an inflection in my voice to influence James’ decision in the matter.

As much as we may not like to admit this, we women probably do this much more than we think or would care to admit! We use our feminine wiles so strongly sometimes that the men in our lives probably never knew what hit them; they find themselves doing things and wonder how did “this” happen.

Most women would argue that, “Well, I just got it like that!” Well maybe you do, BUT, is it really the right thing to do? It’s been said that women have been gifted with an ability to “make a man carry the world on his back” but just because we can do something, does that mean we should do it?
I believe, as women, we have been given innate gifts to make a positive difference in our own lives and in the world around us. God, in His infinite wisdom, has endowed women with the ability to impact the lives of our husbands and our children. However, this gift is not given to us to use like a weapon, or to get our own way or to the rule over them. But it is given as a gentle tool of wisdom; displayed through the positive persuasion of a wife and mother who longs to encourage her husband and children to fulfill the divine destiny God has placed in their lives. In fact, your greatest impact is carried out by laying down all claims of influence in and of yourself, and relying on God’s power to transform you, your husband and your children.
Women, our attitude and influence set the emotional fragrance in our homes. With a positive attitude and influence, we can permeate our homes with a sweet aroma or with a negative attitude and influence we can pollute our homes with a stinky odor.

So, let’s be women of conviction and passion. Let’s intentionally influence our husband and children in a positive way; after all, it is our high calling and a part of our pre-designed purpose. Before we can influence others toward godliness though, we ourselves must be under God’s influence so that he can use us. Let’s be women who, with God’s guidance, strength and empowerment, radiate the light of Godly influence from our lives. And as we shine with the Lord’s love, our families and others will be drawn to him.”

She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness. Proverbs 31:26

©2013 Erica Skelton Goldsmith